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Introductory modules for interprofessional education


August 2016


Centre for Interprofessional Education

EIT Summer Student Program 


Articulate Storyline 2


The Centre for Interprofessional Collaboration is a partnership between the University of Toronto and the University Health Network whose purpose is to optimize the ability future health-care practitioners to deliver the best patient-centered care through professional collaboration. 


There are over 1600 students in 11 Health Science Programs (including medicine, nursing, social work, etc.) at the University of Toronto who complete the IPE curriculum throughout the course of their studies, however, it's imperative they recognize the evidence-based importance of IPE as well as an understanding of the fundamental concepts before the engage with the curriculum.

Four 15-minute interactive modules were created with learning and cognitive theories in mind to introduce IPE to these students. These modules contain a variety of interactions including buttons, hovering, sliders, and drag-and-drop, custom graphics generated with Adobe Illustrator, audio, basic animation, as well as personal anecdotes and stories from professionals in the field to fully engage users and create e-learning that will resonate. In addition to knowledge-checks that appear at the end of each module, the modules conclude with a mandatory 10-15 minute test that fully utilizes the quiz functionality of Articulate storyline.

These modules are currently in use, accessible to the 1600+ students in the health science professions through U of T's Blackboard Portal and will continue to be used every year for the foreseeable future.

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