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Professor Nick Woolridge


Cinema 4D


This project was my first foray into 3D modelling, the purpose of which was to create a mock editorial illustration for a popular science magazine. CRISPR is a powerful genome-editing tool that has come into prominence in the past few years, giving scientists unprecedented control over the DNA of an organism. While this is groundbreaking in the fields of medicine, agriculture and research, the ability to permanently change the DNA of humans raises significant ethical concerns, especially given the ease at which it can be done.

The image was created as a metaphor for this ease. The 'lab' is envisioned as a child's craft table, high key and brightly coloured, contrasting this careless fun with the seriousness of the implications inherent in this technology.


DNA structural information was downloaded from the protein databank and the EPMV plugin was used to create the 3D representation. The hand was created from photo references of a child's hand.

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