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Make your science stand out.

Communicate and engage with captivating graphics and animations that tell the story of your science.

Beautiful media for the healthcare industry.

Science is complex. My job is to take those complex ideas and translate them into accurate and stunning visuals that speak to their audience. Whether you need to teach students a biological concept, explain the mechanism of action of your drug, demonstrate to a physician a new surgical technique or deliver a message to the general public, I create visually-captivating media designed to engage your audience, communicate your message and generate leads.

Demo Reel

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2D and 3D medical and scientific illustrations

So much more than just a picture. From iconographic to highly realistic, beautiful illustrations are created with the goal to communicate complex science and tell a compelling visual story that resonates.


2D and 3D animations and video editing

Animations quickly relay complicated temporal and spatial information. With close attention to detail, written and styled for your target audience, 2D and 3D animations captivate as much as they inform. 


Graphic design and infographics

Through meticulous colour, font and graphical decisions, graphics are pitch-perfect in conveying their messages. With efficient information architecture and high visual appeal, projects are both  eye-catching and informative.


Online Articulate 

e-learning modules

Interactive e-learning modules are an effective learning tool for any type of learner. With quizzes and custom graphics, modules are designed for full learner-engagement and increased knowledge retention. 

Featured Work

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